Works House/Home List of Projects
Bob House
Burlingame, California
Stewardship of a 30's bungalow: Multiple projects over 20 years
Interiors, Landscape Design
Loma Road v.02
San Carlos, California
Ongoing Stewardship
New residence: The Iowa Farmhouse as critical typology
Loma Road Site Development
San Carlos, California
Landscape Design: Farmstead vernacular
Truckee, California
New Residence in the Grand Tahoe Lodge tradition
The Ranch
Sonoma County, California
New Residence, Outbuildings Sustainable design in traditional forms
Forest Cabin Vernacular, Off Grid
Asquith Residence
Multiple Stewardship projects over 15 years
Godowski Residence
Burlingame, California
Interior renovations and reconfigurations to a 30's bungalow.
Dreiling Residence
Burlingame, California
Stewardship of a 30's bungalow: Interior, Exterior and Landscape projects over 25 years
Loma Road v.01
Additional, Alteration, Landscape Design
Lea Residence
Redwood City, California
Sensitive Additions to Vintage Eichler
Sloan Residence
Stewardship Projects over 10 years
Lopez Island
Puget Sound, Washington
Coastal Cottage
Pallson Residence
Silverdale, Washington
Campos Residence
Burlingame, California
Connecting the 60's tract house to Nicaragua and Northern Italy
Hartnett Residence
Pacifica, California
New House, Interiors, Landscape
Rodgers Residence
Burlingame, California
Kitchen Design and Interiors