Works House/Home


Yes, we build houses. They are the counterpoint to our larger projects and they give us the opportunity to work closely with just a few individuals to create wonderful, memorable and functional places.

When we build houses we work closely with clients in a collaborative setting. We don't design your home, you do. The design is already in you. We don't overlay a style, the style is driven by you, by the place, by existing patterns and by consideration of what has gone before.

What we do is bring all of that out of you, out of the place. We draw out the design, the style, the subtleties of personality and preference. We refine it, we harmonize it, we synthesize the wealth of ideas, visions, memories and goals you may have, into a coherent and singular reality.


We draw it all together to form an emergent, cohesive, musical whole that reflects genuine needs, respects place and planet, and becomes part of a larger physical, social and natural neighborhood.

What we add is experience, knowledge, guidance, leadership to take you through typically unfamiliar territory. We help you eliminate the conflict and confusion from multiple goals. We help you manage a diverse team of professionals, builders and regulatory agencies.

Most importantly, we make sure that the building or renovation of a house is less of a chore and more of an adventure. It should be fun, it should be exciting, it is likely going to be challenging, but in the end it should be satisfying.