Works Action


Of all the work we pursue there is a class of projects that are distinct. They are distinct in one clear manner in that we do not receive compensation.

But they are distinct for a more important reason: we pursue them out of a sense of responsibility. These are projects that may have no direct benefit to the company, but which are critically important to our communities.

The actions we pursue typically have some relationship to either our professional interests, our community interests or our special capabilities.

Actions are projects that may represent the protection of some aspect of our community, both natural and human made. They may represent conflicts or disputes that have arisen in which our skills can either help resolve the dispute or support the positions of a particular side.


As architects we have key abilities to envision futures and to share that vision with others. In many neighborhood issues relating to either development or the environment, the dialogue is often lacking in vision. We have the ability to provide that vision.

Further, we believe we have the responsibility to provide that vision, just as we believe that every citizen is responsible to, on occasion, utilize their special skills for the benefit of the larger community. Not for profit, but simply as a requirement of living in, and reaping the benefits of, that community.