Profile Ideas Stewardship

Our primary role, in fact, is that of stewards. Our work at making buildings and shaping land is a subset of the larger role of stewardship. That stewardship is exhibited for individual projects, for neighborhoods, for multi-project programs, and for client organizations.

We are, for a time, caretakers of the places we affect. We expect our clients and end-users to develop a similar sense of obligation to care for a place over the long term. This affects design decisions, architectural methodologies, and even decisions about whether we should pursue particular projects.

Ultimately we see ourselves as participants in a larger effort of environmental stewardship. We see each project as a microscopic task aimed primarily at genuine sustainability. Our responsibility is to discover, care for and sustain the environmentally positive characteristics and critical functions of place, whether those functions are natural or human driven; whether they are physical, economic or social in nature.