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We believe in public education. We see it as a fundamental responsibility of an evolved culture. We also see it as an important means to ensure democratic education that supports free thought.

Yet our public education system is flawed at many levels, some flaws are acute and may have no other solution than systemic change.

The concept, however, of free and equal education for all remains valid as a means to advance our knowledge, our experience and our wisdom as a culture.

We see education not simply as a means to prepare a population of kids for the workforce. While this is important, we think it is meaningless if we don't also prepare those kids to think critically, assess issues, develop informed opinions and turn all of that into useful participation.

A nation of good workers is not good enough. We need a nation of thinkers, a nation of participants. We need a population of kids able to take on their responsibility to pilot the larger ship and keep alive the ideas and wisdom accumulated through centuries.